Born in: Pine Bluff, Arkansas. A permanent cloud rests over Pine Bluff because of two paper mills. There are signs that say “please don’t pick up hitchhikers” because of the nearby prison.

Also lived in: Cherokee Village, Arkansas (much prettier); Jerusalem, Israel; Springfield, Missouri; most towns in Southern California with the word “beach” in it.

Other companies and jobs I’ve had: In high school I was an editor, which comes in really handy for reading resumes. In college I was a graphic designer, so I know a good portfolio when I see it. My first career was as a corporate financial analyst for Hughes Aircraft (just before DirecTV launched) and KPMG, which is NOT a radio station. I’ve been in recruiting for the local economy for (gulp) 16 years.

Education: I was one of those brainy anti-social kids, obsessed with learning. As a result, I was done with high school when I was 14. I went to a tiny private university in Missouri that you’ve probably never heard of. I started out pre-med and later switched to business, which I’ve never regretted. I earned an MBA in marketing from CSULB.

Favorite place in Los Angeles: I live on the far end of Malibu, with an ocean in front, pool in the middle, and hills in the back. This has become my favorite place. I love all the hiking trails in LA except for Runyon Canyon.

My favorite meal: Seared ahi on a bed of spinach and garlicky mashed potatoes with a bold red wine, preferably from Howell Mountain. If there’s dessert, let it be chocolate.

Guilty pleasure: didn’t I just describe it?

Unusual talent: as a party-thrower, somehow I’ve managed to bring extremely diverse people into a room, and they all get along

Pet(s): Midas, a luxurious Mao, and Zumee, the gray tabby cat who’s really a dog. Five chickens named Margaret Thatcher, Harriet Tubman, Cleopatra, Hillary Clinton, and Madeleine Albright. 15 Lake Malawi cichlids. The fish have names, but I’ll spare you.

Pet peeve: Laziness and entitlement – cats exempted.

Biggest fear: spiders. Everyone knows this.

I geek out on: gardening, music of all kinds except pop and country

Mac or PC: PC. Inside of me is a Mac person, screaming to be set free

Technology I can’t live without: running water

Bucket list: Retiring for a moment, seeing the rest of the world, and then going back to work

In the zombie apocalypse, I would: try to keep it positive. I mean, come on, it’s scary and you could die, but really, fighting zombies is fun! Let’s go kill some zombies!



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