Resume Tips That Inspire Success

Here’s the ideal resume format, with sections and dates clearly labeled: Summary/Objective, Experience (in reverse chronological order), Education, and Technical Skills (if relevant).

Stick to the point! If your resume is too long, no one will read it. If it is too generalized, employers won’t understand what you’re qualified to do.

Browse sites like  Write your resume with the same terms and job titles that you commonly see in job listings. “Mirroring” is a very effective way to attract the right interviews.

Try to avoid statements of opinion.  “Managing teams of 15-25 in the US and Asia” is a statement of fact.  “Excellent leadership and communication skills” is just your opinion.

Format your resume nicely!  Clean font, good white space, etc. This demonstrates your attention to detail and subconsciously makes your reader like you better.

Use one-line bullet points instead of paragraphs.  People tend to scan resumes, and lengthy paragraphs are hard to read.

Keep your summary BRIEF, no more than a few sentences.  If it goes on for half a page, it’s not really a summary, is it?

The last five years of professional work experience are the most crucial and relevant.  Beyond that, you can be brief.

Don’t put lists of duties or functional specialties, especially in your summary.  Long lists and phrases don’t sell anything, even if a resume writer has told you they’re effective.   They are not.

Quantify your achievements.  “Increased revenues by 22% in 18 months” makes a much larger impact than merely saying  ”seasoned, self-motivated sales executive”.

If you are self-employed, create a company name and list yourself as partner or president rather than listing your job title as “Self-employed” or “Contractor”.

If you’ve been unemployed, find someone who can hire you, even on a contract or free basis.   You can’t compete if your resume ended more than six months ago.

Google yourself. Your resume better match LinkedIn!  Other social media should be blocked, or suitable for a Disney audience.

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