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VR Engineer, Pasadena

Our client is a well funded startup in Pasadena, applying virtual reality in a compelling way. This product could have a powerful impact for a variety of industries, including healthcare, marketing, education, consumer products, etc. The founders and other executives are highly intelligent, deeply experienced in developing cutting edge technology. Respected by their peers in the industry. It’s also a


Javascript Engineer, Hollywood

Our client in central Los Angeles/Hollywood is a Series A funded startup backed by premier venture capital and generating solid revenues. The exec team are good friends of the firm, characterized by solid education and a mix of early stage startup/established tech brand experience. The company is creating a powerful platform for referral marketing with many established clients. Our client


Python Engineer, Lead/Dir/Sr, Hollywood

Our client in central Los Angeles/Hollywood is a Pre-Series A funded startup backed by premier venture capital and generating solid revenues. Ideal time to join this company, as they’re past the “super early risky stage” but still early enough to make a huge impact & hopefully an equity stake that could mean something. The exec team are good friends of


Data & Analytics Developer, Hollywood

Our client is backed by a top Silicon Valley venture capital group, founded by a CEO who previously launched a multi-billion dollar leader in their particular industry. So the combination of business acumen and industry expertise makes them uniquely poised for success. This particular VC firm does not typically invest in LA companies so that also makes them unique. The


node.JS/Fullstack engineer, Los Angeles

Our client has been a close relationship for years, where we’ve placed talented people at both executive and staff levels. This is an established, well funded Software-as-a-Service company, offering interesting challenges and a cohesive team. The tech team is building scalable cloud technology to vertically integrate a multi-billion dollar industry. The company already has a loyal customer base in enterprise


Sr Software Engineer,Santa Monica

Our client, based at 3rd St Promenade in lovely Santa Monica, is a VC-backed startup with a meaningful product and a stellar team that’s growing. The CTO has been a good relationship with our firm for years. The culture is positive and well balanced. The company is going through a rapid growth phase and will be announcing some significant achievements


Engineer, Marketing Automation – FILLED, Los Angeles

Our client is a close, ongoing relationship with the firm, located near the arts district in Downtown Los Angeles. This is a self-funded and profitable company offering the upside of startup life – flexibility, a sense of ownership, casual culture, dedicated people – with less risk/more clarity than a typical early stage venture-backed firm. The company has been going through


Node.js Engineer, Hollywood – FILLED

Our client is a deep relationship, whose head of engineering has been a client in several companies. The team is creating a product that will greatly improve healthcare in a meaningful way. The company is backed by one of the most noteworthy venture capital firms in the business. The CEO was previously founder of a highly successful company, so he


Data Engineer, Pasadena – FILLED

Our client in Pasadena is a very deep relationship with the firm. They are a noteworthy startup with a meaningful product, predictive analytics for a valuable sector in the medical technology industry. This company is experiencing a very exciting phase of growth. Backed/supported by some of the most noteworthy names in the industry. We’ve placed the CTO and others here.


Full Stack/UI Engineer, Los Angeles

Our client in downtown Los Angeles is a premier startup led by intelligent & down to earth founders (not their first startup). They were launched out of a noteworthy accelerator and are well poised for success. The product is meaningful, something that is definitely needed within the medical technology community. We are looking for a full-stack web developer with a

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