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Javascript Engineer, Hollywood

Our client in central Los Angeles/Hollywood is a Series A funded startup backed by premier venture capital and generating solid revenues. The exec team are good friends of the firm, characterized by solid education and a mix of early stage startup/established tech brand experience. The company is creating a powerful platform for referral marketing with many established clients. Our client


Full Stack/UI Engineer, Los Angeles

Our client in downtown Los Angeles is a premier startup led by intelligent & down to earth founders (not their first startup). They were launched out of a noteworthy accelerator and are well poised for success. The product is meaningful, something that is definitely needed within the medical technology community. We are looking for a full-stack web developer with a


Front End Developer, Downtown Los Angeles

Our client is one of the fastest growing startups in Los Angeles. They develop and promote products that combine world-class quality with the element of surprise. This is a deep relationship, as we’ve placed several people here that we already knew and cared about deeply. The CEO was our client in his last company, where he was the CTO (so


Javascript Engineer, Video & Streaming, Remote

Our client is a key player in the fast growing online video delivery market, offering exciting technologies on the leading edge of digital video by providing software and cloud services to online retailers, distributors, and system integrators. Helping businesses worldwid deliver premium movie and TV content to their customers across multiple platforms. Looking for a JavaScript software engineer to expand


Magento Developer, Santa Barbara (north)

Our client was founded by a well-known market leader and innovator in 1996. The head of e-commerce has been a client of Apex for years, so it’s a deep relationship. She’s as happy here as we’ve ever seen her in any company. The culture is full of animal lovers (and their products are relevant to this aspect). Everyone here works


Front End Developer, Hollywood – FILLED

Our client is backed by one of the top venture capitalists in the industry, founded and led by highly successful entrepreneurs with a deep level of industry expertise. The VP and lead engineer are both close relationships with Apex. If you are an intelligent and nice person who wants to solve complex problems and impact a large industry in a


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