Resume Tips from Our Resident Grammar Snob

Typos can cost you an interview.  This is why they invented spell check AND grammar check.  Use them!

Edit yourself.  Don’t be afraid to use the delete key when you write too much.

Use bullet points instead of paragraphs – much easier to read.

Use phrases instead of full sentences, with rare exceptions.

Don’t use acronyms or abbreviations unless they are commonly accepted.

Keep your phrases/sentences short, expressing one thought.  If you’re using a lot of commas, find ways to break it up with periods (or at least a semi-colon).

Use bold and italics with restraint.

White space is your friend!  If your page is too crowded, add another or use the delete key to edit it down.

No fancy fonts, colors or logos.   Keep it simple.

Don’t go overboard with adjectives.  If you have three adjectives with only one noun, delete two of them.

Use strong action verbs “Created”, “Initiated” “Managed” “Analyzed” etc. and try not to repeat any particular verb more than once.

Avoid the phrase “Responsible for” followed by a long list of duties.  It’s dull and does not inspire an interview.

Scan the left side of your resume and see if this is what you find:

- Job titles are reasonably consistent and show progression.

- Dates are in proper reverse chronological sequence, without gaps or overlaps.

- Bullet points begin with strong, varied action verbs.

- Margins are aligned properly – no errant tabs or margins.

Resumes tend to be a reflection of one’s personality, so it’s good to balance your true self.  If you’re timid, pump it up. If you’re verbose, tone it down.

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