Your Resume: A Story Worth Telling

For most people, the process of writing a resume is like a trip to the dentist.  The results are great, but it’s not really a “10″ on the fun-o-meter.

While we DO offer resume writing services, we think most people can get along just fine on their own.

Here are some philosophies hopefully to help you in this process.

First of all, a resume is a sales tool, not a job application.

Facts are important, but the way you tell your story is even more important.  Star Wars = wow!  Attack of the Clones = zzzzz

If you haven’t rewritten your resume in a few years, consider a full rewrite.   A long, rambling resume is not a very effective sales tool.

BEFORE you start writing, do some research on current market needs, your long term career strategy, and the skills you have to offer (or need to develop).

THEN you can tell a story that ties this all together in a very clear presentation.

Browse sites like or to see what companies are hiring for what types of people.

Notice keywords and common terms on job listings, and use them in your resume.   It’s called “mirroring”, and it’s extremely effective in getting an interview.

A thoughtful career strategy will guide your writing and actually make it easier.  People who are uncertain about their careers often have overly broad, generalized, or overly long resumes.   Recruiters can always tell.

In terms of the framework: Use a reverse chronology to describe your experience, and use bullet points, not paragraphs.

Stay on topic – eliminate any bullet points that don’t really add any value and don’t support your career strategy or market demands.

Generally speaking, put your education at the bottom unless you’re a recent graduate.

Write your summary LAST, not first. Ironic isn’t it?  It’s the first thing people read, but the last thing you write.

Don’t lie.   You may exaggerate a teeny bit, and you definitely want to use a “cup half full” approach, but please, please….don’t lie.

When your resume tells the story that the market wants to hear, you’ll get the interviews you want.

We’ve seen your future, and it’s bright!

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